Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I recently watched a video tutorial on Youtube, given by Claire Charvill (Charliejones 2686) in which she demonstrated how to make a toilet paper mini album. I liked the concept but decided to put it to a slightly different use as producing tiny photographs to fit was going to be very time consuming and there are only 6 weeks until Christmas. Mine is to be a 
Christmas present of 5 promises.

The instructions are as follows:-

1. Flatten 5 toilet roll inners and iron to give a crisp finish.
2. Paint a border of about 1" on both sides of each piece with white Gesso and leave to dry.
3.Paint a border of gold acrylic paint over the Gesso (this will probably take 2 coats)leave to       
4. Cut 10 pieces of traditional Christmas paperto fit the inners but leaving a gap of about 
     1/4 inch all round.
5. Adhere these to each side of the inner using double sided tape or a tape dispenser.
6. Make a hinge piece by cutting 5 pieces of paper to fit snugly inside the inner, shaping the                                                   
    end with a fancy corner punch (Iused an EK Success scalloped corner punch).
7. Paint both sides with Gesso and acrylic paint as above (leaving to dry between each coat).
8. Line up the corner pieces carefully and punch a hole in each one for the book ring with a 
    a Crop a dile or similar.
9. Fix some double sided tape to both sides of  the bottom of the hinge and line up carefully
    inside the left hand end of the inner. Remove the backing.
10. Make sure everything is lined up correctly before pressing down to adhere.
11. Cut 5 pieces of coloured card to fit in the length of the inner without falling out.
12. Make a pull tab using either a tab punch or as in mine a circle punch. If using the circle
      punch you will need to cut 10 circles.
13. Adhere 1 circle to each side of the pull tab.
14. Print the promises from the computer on a sheet of co-ordinating paper and cut to size
      leaving a border.
15. Stick down on to the front of each pull card.
16. Now go to town and embellish the front and back of each outer however you wish and tie 
      festive ribbons, fibres, lace and a charm or two to cover the book ring.

I do hope this was helpful - Do pop along to charliejones2686's channel and see her fantastic creations- she is such an inspiration.